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AfroFuture Foundation & Team Up

The AfroFuture Foundation strives to transform lives through education and provides life-changing opportunities for deserving schoolgirls from underserved areas of Ghana. They’re dedicated to empowering struggling communities in countries hosting their festivals, and are actively engaging attendees, volunteers and more. With an emphasis on inclusivity, empathy, and a growth mindset, this initiative fosters positive impact through a number of different social impact programs. 

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Team Up envisions a collaborative world. Their mission is to connect individuals and organizations, empowering them to make a difference by volunteering or donating to specific projects, mobilizing donors across sectors to enhance communities and address unique needs.

Mayekoo Projects for AfroFuture Foundation (& Team Up)

Mayekoo Projects for AfroFuture Foundation (& Team Up)

  • The Women Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship Fund: providing education to young women in underserved communities