Helping reduce global poverty one community at a time.

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Hello, we’re Mayekoo

Our vision & mission

Imagine a world without poverty. Where every human being has the opportunity to live a dignified life. Where despondency becomes hope. This is our vision. 

But it relies on core educational, healthcare and environmental services to be reliably in place at all times, for all people. That’s why our mission is to find smart, effective and sustainable ways to fundraise on behalf of these developing nations, and provide them with the core services essential to eliminating poverty in their communities. 


Our solution

We believe in the power of numbers. So we invited the global community to participate in a sweepstakes-driven, crowdfunding platform that supports developing nations and helps eradicate global poverty.

When people have the chance to win incredible prizes while helping amazing causes, it’s truly a win-win situation. We believe that fundraising this way elicits the greatest response from donors, and ultimately creates the best results for the beneficiaries. Our goal is to inspire as many donors through our prizes and stories, and benefit as many developing communities as we possibly can

Our promise

People in developing countries have dreams, aspirations, and goals. But all too often, those dreams are stifled not for lack of effort or desire, but because of insufficient or unsustainable government social services and infrastructure. 

Our promise is shared purpose, transparency, and accountability to ensure lasting impact. To have an enduring and meaningful impact, we believe community members and beneficiaries should be part of the process from the start, and that we must ensure good stewardship of resources through to the end. 

How we do it

It begins with Mayekoo engaging directly with communities and social impact partners to identify the most pressing needs in education, healthcare and environmental sustainability. We collaboratively establish the focus and scope of Mayekoo projects, and we also provide project management services and training to our local partners to oversee the implementation of each initiative. 

Supporting other organizations has always been a core part of our mission. In joining hands with Mayekoo, we can reach more people, touch more lives, and make a greater impact Ahaban Green Leaf Foundation

A Message from our founders

In the Ghanaian culture, “mi ma mo ayakoo,” means “I’m congratulating you.” Mayekoo is both a play on that expression and a salute to everyone who joins us on our mission.

To us, the wealth of a nation is said to depend on the health of its citizens. We believe this encompasses physical and mental health, both of which are directly impacted by access to education and medical care, as well as the environmental conditions/sustainability of the communities.

A little bit from a lot of people goes a long way, and we’re energized by the incredible potential our platform has to harness the power of giving to improve lives. We are inspired by our own experiences and the incredible resilience of individuals in communities that struggle to meet their basic needs from day to day. We hope we inspire you to join us in improving the lives of millions of people. Mayekoo!


Kristin, Michel & Erik

Meet the team

Caleb Customer Service Technical Lead
Edem Business Development
Emmanuel Business Development
Erik Cofounder
Jesse Creative Director
Lucie Design Director
Michel Founder
Patrick Government Relations
Phoebe Customer Service
Wilson Operations Manager