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Renovate and upgrade Ayenya Jr. High School

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Here’s a win-win: Help us renovate Ayenya Jr. High in Accra, Ghana, and you’ll be entered to win two amazing nights in a Deluxe room at the luxurious Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra. Donate once, and you’ll be eligible for all our drawings!

Your support will help improve the education conditions for the children and staff at Ayenya Jr. High, and your generosity might just land you in a beautiful room at the Movenpick Ambassador for two free nights. Donate to enter now and don't miss your chance to win!

Feb 3, 2024
Mar 2, 2024

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Feb 7, 2024
Mar 5, 2024


Who you’ll help

The Ayenya District Assembly is located about 25 miles outside of Accra, Ghana. Their aim is to provide a learning environment that fosters education, growth and creativity and to help the students achieve higher levels of critical thinking and literacy.

However, the aging junior high school is severely damaged and physically unsound from improper construction techniques, erosion and lack of maintenance, and each day the 200 students enrolled as well as the faculty risk their lives having to learn and teach in such precarious conditions. The classroom walls have visible cracks, and the roofing has major leaks that have both damaged the floors and disrupted the classes themselves.

The Mayekoo Solution

  • Design & construct a new 4-classroom block using sustainable design & building techniques
  • Provide resources like desks and chairs
  • Provide stable internet to promote education and innovation
  • Drill a new well with a submersible pump to provide drinking water
  • Build new restroom facilities