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Escola Primária e Centro de Dia de Vakpo

Vakpo E.P. Primary School & Childcare Center

Vakpo E.P. Primary School & Childcare Center

The town of Vapko is located in the Volta Region of Ghana and about a 4 hour drive (108 miles) outside the capital. Like most rural communities, Vakpo is generally overlooked because of their small population size when compared to more urbanized areas in Ghana. Sadly, schools and clinics in these communities have virtually no funds coming in, and the majority of the rural population has little to no access to quality education and healthcare. 

Vakpo E.P. Primary & Childcare Center aims to provide and improve basic education for kids in this rural community. Even with limited resources and funding, teachers attempt to actively provide a nurturing learning environment that encourages growth and builds self confidence. Due to an aging and dilapidated infrastructure, students here also lack consistent access to their classrooms, and at times resort to makeshift classrooms under shaded trees. 

Teachers have learned to adapt and modify teaching to provide greater access and exposure to learning. The trust and relationship between students, their families, and the teachers continues to create purposeful steps towards education, with the hope of providing the opportunity for future success.
Mayekoo Projects for Vakpo Primary & Childcare Center

Mayekoo Projects for Vakpo Primary & Childcare Center

  • Build classrooms for daycare & elementary school kids
  • Provide potable drinking water
  • Construct a playground
  • Build a library