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Support The Ghana Food Movement’s Programs to Fight Food Insecurity

Organization number: CG238491221
Organisation Number: CG238491221
$30,000.00 target Join 11 Donors

The Ghana Food Movement (GFM) is an NGO in Accra that aims to combat food insecurity and poverty with sustainable farming and culinary education. This energetic group, including farmers, chefs, scientists, nutritionists, and entrepreneurs, is transforming Ghana's food system, promoting sustainability, and culinary innovation.

This year GFM is aiming for even greater impact by executing their dream project. They are launching THE KITCHEN, an all-round food education hub, equipping young Ghanaians with skills, knowledge, and a network to become the next generation of changemakers. We aim to educate 1000 young Ghanaians per year. THE KITCHEN will be the heartbeat for Ghana’s food community.

Why It Matters

We believe this is the missing link to solving Ghana’s major challenges, all under one roof. Farming - processing - food culture - health - economy - ecosystems - employment, they are all connected. It is a system. And most impactful changes are accomplished through a systematic approach. So that needs to be educated and facilitated. 

Community Impact

We strive for a Ghana where everyone is part of a sustainable, nutritious food system. Our educational efforts aim to transform lives and communities, boosting rural and urban economies through sustainable farming and culinary innovation. 

How You Can Help

Construction of THE KITCHEN will finish this fall. To open our doors, your financial support is crucial. Your contribution will help us to finish equipping the kitchen with training material and cooking equipment.

Sharing our story and mission, participating in our events, volunteering, or learning about sustainable food practices can also make a significant difference.

You contribution will

  • Equip 1,000 people every year with skills, network and knowledge.
  • Employ young Ghanaians as chefs, product developers, hospitalists, farmers, etc.
    Stimulate new markets and enable young entrepreneurs to launch new local food brands and restaurants.
  • Launch the next generations of changemakers and role models in food, inspiring consumers to patronize ‘Made in Ghana’ as well as healthy food choices.
  • Stimulate food innovation, new ideas, recipes, products, unexpected collaborations, and services.
  • Advance Ghana’s food industry through community building, multi stakeholder collaboration and global exposure.
  • Build a resilient and self-sustaining Ghana.

The Mayekoo Solution

Raise money and increase awareness to support the Ghana Food Movement’s initiatives:

  • Community Educational Kitchen: Help fund and complete the GFM kitchen that doubles as a training center for chefs and entrepreneurs and as a community hub for nutrition and food sustainability education. This includes maintaining the kitchen and the GFM’s operations.
  • Sustainable Farming Education: Help empower farmers with modern, sustainable agricultural techniques through workshops and training, vital for increasing food production and environmental preservation.

Transparency Promise

We are committed to the highest standards of transparency and accountability. Every contribution is tracked, and we regularly update our supporters on our progress, challenges, and successes. We believe that trust is the cornerstone of our community, and we are dedicated to ensuring that every dollar donated makes a tangible difference in the lives of Ghanaians.