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Help Make Roofing Repairs at Tenashie Primary School

Organization number: CS164231022
Organisation Number: CS164231022
$10,000.00 target Join 13 Donors

Nestled in the heart of Accra, Ghana, Tenashie A&B Primary is a beacon of hope for 192 eager young minds from kindergarten through class 6. But numerous, giant holes in the classroom roofs expose children to harsh elements and disrupt education during rainstorms and extreme heat. Help Mayekoo repair the roofing and transform Tenashie A&B Primary School into a learning safe haven where children can focus on their studies, come rain or shine.

During the rainy season, water invades the classrooms, soaking books and dampening spirits. On sweltering days, the merciless sun beats down through the gaps, making concenting and learning an ordeal. The children and their dedicated teachers find themselves huddling in corners, seeking refuge from the harsh elements–a testament to their resilience but a barrier to their education.

By coming together to address these critical needs, we are not just repairing a building; we are nurturing a future where education can flourish unimpeded by basic infrastructural failures. The impact of our collective action extends far beyond the school premises. Educated children grow into empowered adults who can uplift their communities, drive economic development, and break the cycle of poverty. By ensuring that Tenashie A&B Primary School is a place where children can learn safely and healthily, we are investing in the community's most valuable resource: its next generation.


How You Can Help

Donate: Every dollar counts towards creating a conducive learning environment.

Spread the Word: Amplify our mission by sharing this campaign with your network.

Partner with Us: If you have resources, expertise, or time to share, join us in making a tangible difference in the lives of this community.

Community Impact: By improving basic infrastructure, we empower students to learn in a safe environment, contributing to community growth and breaking cycles of poverty.

Your generosity is the cornerstone of this transformation. Thank you so much.


The Mayekoo Solution

Raise 125,000 ($10,000) to repair and replace the damaged roofing. This includes:

• Sourcing and purchasing durable roofing materials

• Sourcing and hiring skilled labor to ensure the structures are secure and lasting


Transparency Promise

We pledge to uphold the highest standards of transparency and accountability. Every contribution will be diligently tracked, with regular updates on our progress and detailed reports on how your donations are making a difference.