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Restore and sustain Ghana’s most popular beach

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Ghana’s capital city of Accra has a coastline nearly 30 miles long, and Labadi Beach (aka La Pleasure Beach) is one of the most popular destinations in West Africa. Known for incredible views, great music, food, art and more, Pleasure Beach is beloved by locals and visitors alike.

Sadly, insufficient resources for trash receptacles, trash enclosures, restroom/toilets, and drinking fountains have fostered neglect and a staggering accumulation of garbage on Labadi’s shore. And an inadequate storm drain infrastructure does little to prevent trash from migrating into the ocean and polluting its waters. We want to change that.


The Mayekoo Solution

  • Purchase a Barber Beach rake for daily cleanup of the beach 
  • Pay for a tractor to tow the beach rake
  • Hire operators and additional support for new equipment
  • Purchase and install trash receptacles 
  • Contract a trash hauling company for scheduled pickups and dropoffs
  • Clean up approximately 7-10 acres per day

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