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Inspiring Young Achievers Network (IYAN) Africa is a non-profit organization out of Accra, Ghana, dedicated to transforming the lives of African youth. Our mission is to nurture and empower young individuals by providing them with mentorship, educational resources, and the necessary infrastructure to ignite their passion for learning and to develop vital employability skills.

The Challenges

Over the past nine years, we have positively impacted over 10,000 students and supported 600 school dropouts and teen mothers in 17 underserved communities. Through our comprehensive programs, we offer educational materials, mentoring, health screening workshops, and skills training to equip these young achievers with the tools they need for sustainable livelihoods.

To address educational and social challenges in Jamestown, Accra, we conducted a needs assessment and partnered with Wisdom Boxing Gym, where Coach Ofori Asare mentors school dropouts. The gym provides a safe space, instilling discipline and purpose. The Jamestown Community Project aims to create sustainable solutions, offering support, mentorship, and opportunities to transform the youth's lives for a brighter future.

Why it matters

The funds raised will be crucial in refurbishing and renovating the gym space, transforming it into a library, reading, and workshop center. This transformation will directly address the needs of the Jamestown community and its youth, providing a safe and supportive environment for learning and personal growth. Additionally, the funds will be used to procure essential items such as furniture, footwear, stationery, sanitary pads, educational materials, and equipment for skills training.

The Mayekoo Solution

To address the educational and social challenges faced by children and young people in Jamestown, Ghana, we aim to:

  • Establish a Reading Center: We plan to create a space with active reading clubs to foster a healthy reading culture. This will include monthly reading competitions and literacy-focused events to encourage continuous engagement and learning.
  • Provide Reproductive Health and Hygiene Education: We will offer education focused on reproductive health and hygiene for adolescent girls and boys, helping them to understand and differentiate between myths and facts, thereby promoting informed and healthy choices.
  • Conduct Hands-On Workshops for Unemployed Youth: We will organize vocational and technical training workshops for unemployed youth, including teen mothers and young adults. These workshops aim to equip them with practical skills that can create revenue-generating opportunities and foster sustainable livelihoods.

Transparency Promise

We pledge to uphold the highest standards of transparency and accountability. Every contribution will be diligently tracked, with regular updates on our progress and detailed reports on how your donations are making a difference.