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Support Reformation Community’s Literacy Improvement Program

Organization number: CG051422016
Organisation Number: CG051422016
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Reformation Community's incredible Booksville project is a pioneering, mobile library initiative designed to spark a love for reading among children. With a stark scarcity of public libraries, particularly outside urban centers and in low income areas, Reformation Community is bringing books to children. They’re making quality reading materials accessible to children and in doing so, fostering critical thinking, literacy, and a lifelong passion for learning. We want to help them raise the funding they so badly need in order to fulfill their mission.

Formed in 2016, Reformation Community is an NGO powered by a dedicated team of young professionals from varied backgrounds including Law, IT, and Economics. Booksville represents their commitment to transforming early education by bringing books directly to children, encouraging critical thinking and nurturing a profound love for reading. With initiatives already launched in three schools and an orphanage, reaching approximately 80 children with the support of 22 volunteers, they are just getting started.

The Challenges

Limited Access to Libraries: With only 73 public libraries for about 32 million people, the vast majority of Ghanaian children lack access to quality reading materials. This disparity is even more pronounced in low income, rural and underdeveloped areas.

Low Motivation to Read: Many children in Ghana show little interest in reading outside the classroom. This disinterest is often due to a lack of engaging materials and stimulating environments that foster a love for reading.

Educational Disparities: The shortage of libraries and reading materials contributes to educational inequalities, limiting children's opportunities to develop critical thinking skills and expand their knowledge beyond the school curriculum.

Why It Matters

Foundation for Future Success: Literacy is not just about reading and writing; it's the foundation upon which children can build successful futures. It enables them to access higher education, participate fully in society, and compete in the global economy.

Critical Thinking and Creativity: Reading opens the mind to new ideas, fosters imagination, and develops critical thinking skills. These skills are essential for innovation and problem-solving in any society.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty 

Education and literacy are key to breaking the cycle of poverty. By providing access to reading materials and encouraging a love for reading, Booksville aims to equip children with the skills needed to improve their living conditions and contribute to their community's development.

How You Can Help

Donate: Contributions of any size help us expand literacy and educational opportunities for Ghanaian children.

Volunteer: Your time and skills are invaluable to our operations, from book organizing to reading sessions.

Spread the Word: Amplify our mission within your network to attract more support and volunteers.

The Mayekoo Solution:

  • Purchase new books and tablets for Reformation Community’s library

  • Purchase a van to facilitate the efficient transportation of books and resources to multiple locations across Ghana.
  • Construct a library that will serve as a central hub for Booksville's activities.
  • Support program infrastructure to sustain the project's current operations and enable future expansions.

Transparency and Accountability

We are committed to the highest standards of transparency and accountability. Every contribution is tracked, and we regularly update our supporters on our progress, challenges, and successes. We believe that trust is the cornerstone of our community, and we are dedicated to ensuring that every dollar donated makes a tangible difference in the lives of Ghanaians.