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Help Renovate & Upgrade Cornerstone Primary School

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Cornerstone Primary School in the Kangemi Slum of Nairobi is dedicated to providing a solid educational foundation to students of all religious affiliations. However, the school's facilities are in dire need of an infrastructural overhaul, with students currently learning in dilapidated and unstable structures. The facility also lacks clean drinking water for its students, a majority of whom also don’t even have basic school uniforms and shoes.

Cornerstone Primary is a lifeline for students, many orphaned and facing the stark realities of poverty and no social safety nets. Founded by Cornerstone Church and Pastor Derick, it offers a rare chance for education and escape from poverty's grasp. Most students lack basic needs and, facing hunger daily, they struggle to concentrate and learn on an empty stomach.

How You Can Help:

  • Donate: Your financial support directly funds uniforms, food, clean water access, and new facilities.
  • Share: Help us reach a wider audience by sharing our campaign. Awareness is crucial for our success.
  • Volunteer: We welcome volunteers, both local and international, to contribute their time, skills, or resources.

Community Impact:

By enhancing Cornerstone Primary's facilities and meeting immediate needs, we're not just changing individual lives; we're uplifting the entire Kangemi community. Education serves as a powerful catalyst for empowerment, economic development, and breaking the cycle of poverty.

The Mayekoo Solution

Short Term:
  • Raise 13,000 GHS ($1,000) monthly to provide essential uniforms, shoes, and sustain their food program.
  • Raise 63,000 GHS ($5,000) for a new well, ensuring clean drinking water for the students and staff. This system will include drilling a well deep enough to access clean water, installing a reliable submersible pump, and setting up an above-ground storage tank to ensure a consistent supply.
Long Term: 
  • Raise enough funds to construct new and safe classrooms

Transparency Promise

We pledge to uphold the highest standards of transparency and accountability. Every contribution will be diligently tracked, with regular updates on our progress and detailed reports on how your donations are making a difference.