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Ready to Transform Accra's Beaches with Our Barber Beach Rake Acquisition!

We are thrilled to share an important update in our journey towards reducing poverty and enhancing the environment in Ghana. After extensive research, our co-founders, Erik and Michel, have chosen the Barber Beach Surf Rake 600HD, a leading beach cleaner known for its effectiveness in the United States, for our beach cleanup initiative starting with Labadi Beach in Accra, Ghana.

This decision came after Erik and Michel's rigorous exploration of beach rake equipment to find a solution capable of meeting the vast needs of Labadi Beach and its surrounding areas in Accra, Ghana. The Barber 600HD stands out with its unmatched efficiency, cleaning up to nine acres of sand per hour with a seven-foot wide path. Its three-cubic yard hopper can lift and dump over 4,500 pounds of material, ensuring thorough cleanliness and prevention of beach pollution in the communities Mayekoo works in.

Recognizing the potential of the 600HD, we branded it with the Mayekoo logo, thanks to Erik and his daughter's diligent efforts. The beach rake was then shipped to Tema, Ghana, from Baltimore on June 15, 2022, marking a significant step forward in our environmental sustainability projects.

We are excited about the impact the Barber Beach Surf Rake 600HD will have on Ghana's coastal areas. This initiative underscores Mayekoo’s commitment to creating a sustainable and thriving future for residents in areas overburdened by beach pollution. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to work towards a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable continent.

Thank you for your ongoing support.
The Mayekoo Team

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Written: 20 June 2022
Written by: Mayekoo