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Arrival of Our 4WD Tractor for the Mayekoo Beach Rake!

We've got some great news to start off the year! After a challenging search for a tractor to tow the Mayekoo Beach Rake, we finally have our solution. Finding a suitable 4WD tractor in Ghana proved more difficult than anticipated, leading us to explore options as far as the UK and Spain. Eventually, we found the ideal fit—a robust 4WD Kubota tractor—in Cape Town, South Africa.

The tractor arrived at Tema Harbor on January 2, 2023, and by January 4, we had successfully cleared it through customs and taken possession. This marks a significant milestone for us as we gear up to put the Mayekoo Beach Rake into full operation.

So glad to be done with these logistical hurdles. Your support is what drives these projects forward, and we're excited to show you the difference this equipment will make in maintaining our beaches.


The Mayekoo Team

Written: 10 January 2023
Written by: Mayekoo