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Fund a program that provides mobile social services

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Jul. 31, 2023                             Around Aug. 5, 2023

Who you’ll help


Ahaban Greenleaf is a nonprofit organization that is working to provide essential services to less privileged communities in Ghana through their mobile social services program. The organization is partnering with healthcare professionals, restaurants, and other organizations to bring these services to the communities that need them the most. However, they cannot achieve their goals alone, and they require funding for their program and transportation.

Transportation is a crucial social determinant of health in developing countries like Ghana. The majority of impoverished Ghanaians lack access to basic healthcare services and nutritious food due to the lack of transportation. By supporting Ahaban Greenleaf's program, individuals can help provide essential services to underserved communities and make a positive impact on the lives of those who need it the most.

The Mayekoo Solution

  • Purchase of a bus to serve as a mobile social service to promote access to healthcare and good nutrition
  • Reduce the vulnerability of individuals at higher risk of malnutrition and health risks 
  • Provide health screening and medical assistance 
  • Provide meals to families, children and the elderly

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WIN: $10K dream vacation, $10K cash, $1K cash, iPhone 14
WIN: $10K dream vacation, $10K cash, $1K cash, iPhone 14
WIN: $10K dream vacation, $10K cash, $1K cash, iPhone 14