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An intro to Mayekoo: Fundraising for Africa through charity sweepstakes

We believe in the power of numbers, so we invited the global community to participate in a crowdfunding, charity sweepstakes platform that supports essential projects in developing nations. Or, more simply stated, we’re giving away incredible prizes to people who donate to help us build schools, provide healthcare and create environmental sustainability. We’re giving fundraising for Africa a new makeover.


When people have the chance to win amazing prizes while simultaneously helping to support amazing causes, it’s truly a win-win situation. We believe that fundraising this way elicits the greatest response from donors, and ultimately creates the best results for communities in need.


We started in Ghana, we’re now fundraising for Africa as a whole and we plan to support projects across the globe. Our goal is to inspire as many donors through our prizes and stories, and benefit as many developing communities as we possibly can. In Ghanaian culture, “mi ma mo ayekoo,” means “I’m congratulating you.” Mayekoo is both a play on that expression and a salute to everyone who joins us on our mission.


Alt: A mother holding her children in a hospital room in Africa


How charity sweepstakes support fundraising in Africa and beyond


We offer fantastic prizes that inspire people like you to enter our charity sweepstakes. It’s these donations that fund the work we do in developing nations.


But how do we decide which essential projects to support well it begins with mayekoo engaging directly communities and social impact partners identify the most pressing needs in education healthcare environmental sustainability. work collaboratively establish focus scope of also provide project management services training our local oversee implementation each initiative.>


Here at Mayekoo, we work closely with communities to resolve their unique challenges and arm existing teams with the skills and equipment they need to tackle them effectively. This way, those teams retain the skills to carry out effective work long after the project is completed.

Our promise is shared purpose, transparency and accountability. To ensure our projects have an enduring and meaningful impact, we believe community members and beneficiaries should be part of the process from the start, and that we must ensure good stewardship of resources through to the end.


Alt: A group of men carrying out a Mayekoo beach clean up in Africa.


Why Mayekoo is here to help


Our view at Mayekoo has always been the same: when it comes to fundraising for Africa and beyond, a little bit from a lot of people goes a long way. We’re energized by the incredible potential our charity sweepstakes platform has to harness the power of giving to improve the lives of people in need across the globe.


We are inspired by our own experiences and the incredible resilience of individuals in communities that struggle to meet their basic needs from day to day. We hope we inspire you to join us in improving the lives of millions of people. Mayekoo!


Alt: Young adults working at computers.
Alt: Mayekoo team members at a beach clean up in Africa.
Written: 17 December 2022
Written by: Mayekoo